Helping immigrants since 2015

In the year 2015 Metka Community House opened its doors in Lieksa, North Karelia.  Metka House started helping immigrants of different backgrounds and nationalities,  providing peer support, counseling and guidance in different languages until today. 

From Metka House you can ask for help, guidance and information from wherever you are in Finland. 

In Metka is possible to do a work internship or acomplish part of your vocational school studies. You can also be a volunteer!

Free hobby activities

Metka Community House arranges during the spring, summer and autumn different hobby activities free of charge: courses, peer support groups, creative groups, summer camps, gardening, cultural festivities, excursions, etc.

Metka activities are suitable for families, children, youngsters, adults and elderly people as well. Get to know our program! 

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Contact Metka House

Metka House is located in Lieksa, North Karelia, Finland. Address: Rantalantie 7, 81720, Lieksa

Phone numbers:  +358 45 619 8725 (Finnish, English, Spanish),  +358 45 619 8475 (Somali, Arabic, Finnish)


Whatsapp: +358 45 619 8725 (all languages) 



About us

Metka Community House services are financed by the “Verneri-project”. “Verneri” is a project funded by the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organizations of Finland. 

Verneri-project´s goal is to strengthen people’s inclusion, equality and integration into Finnish society.  

Verneri-project is managed by Lieksan Somaliperheyhdistys ry, the Asociation of Somali Families of Lieksa, which is a non profit and non gubernamental organization. The project is open for everyone. 

Other resources for accomplishing our goals are our volunteers and collaborators.  Project Manager: Maria Victoria de la Cruz Molinari  + 358 45 619 8725

Project worker: Makaran Mohamed Abdullahi +358 45 619 8475