How can we help

Metka Community House can guide you:

-if you don´t understand Finnish language

-if you need help to fill forms (online or on paper)

-if you need help to pay your bills via net banking

-if you need help to deal with official isuues (Kela, Te-palvelut, Vero, DVV, Migri, Police, doctor, etc).

-you want to join a hobbie but you don´t know where to go

-if you need advise about housing or renting an apartment

-if you need help to book a time for the doctor or other public services

-if you need advise applying for education, searching for a job, writting a CV, preparing a job interview

-if you have other questions, just ask and we will try to help.

We can help in different languages: Finnish, Russian, English, Somali, Spanish and Swedish.

How to contact us

The easiest way to contact us is in person in Metka Community House from monday to thursday from 9 to 14. 

If you are not in Lieksa or you cannot come during our office opening hours, you can call us, send a text message, a whatsapp message or an email. We will contact you within 24hs (not on weekends). 


Phone us: 

+358 45 619 8725 (Finnish, English, Spanish)

+358 45 619 8745 (Somali, Arabic, Finnish, English)

Whatsapp / text message:

+ 358 45 619 8725